Serving the community for over 25 years.

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Feaga Plumbing Services LLC

We are committed to providing quality work  in a professional and personal manner.   

Specializing in well pump service and installation.
Commercial and residential water conditioning

We are a family owned plumbing company dedicated to reliable service to our customers.
We have been in business since 1987 starting as Feaga Plumbing & Heating.  In 2017 our company was re-established as Feaga Plumbing Services LLC in order to continue to provide quality and satisfaction.
When you call Feaga Plumbing Services LLC, you always deal directly with the owner.

​Proudly servicing the Howard,Carroll, Anne Arundel Counties and surrounding areas.

Feaga Plumbing Services LLC

Call now! 410-465-1417

  We are a full​                                                    
 plumbing service        
 company that has the   
 expertise to solve       
 your plumbing          ​  

 We serve both        residential and            commercial properties.   A sample of our          services include:                                    

  Backflow testing      
​  and repairs.          

  Well pump service    
  and installation.     

  maintenance programs 
  and service plans are      available.             

         Commercial Services 

Preventive maintenance on kitchen
equipment, and plumbing systems.

Water conditioning to reduce scaling;
​lead remidiation from water.

Deionized water treatment; large 
volume reverse osmosis systems for
pharmasuticle grade water.

Backflow testing, installation, and repairs. 

              Residential Services

  Well pump service and installation.

  Water conditioning to eradicate green 
   stains, hard water, nitrates,iron,lead
​   and other harsh minerals.

  Water heater replacement, and service.

  Tankless water heater installation.

​  General plumbing repairs.